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     Places to visit

Plaza de España


Seville Cathedral

Santa Cruz Quarter

Setas de Seville

Las Dueñas Palace

Indian Archives

       Eating and drinking


Tinto de Verano




  • For proper food, go to the bars called 100 Mondaditos and drinks.  Both foods are affordable.

  • Try Tinto de Verano(Summer Wine). It is offered as a carbonated drink mix with red wine and lemon.  

  • My recommendation for tapas is a bar called Bodega Santa Cruz. It's both affordable and delicious .

Plaza de Espana

This square, which is located together with the Maria Luisa Park, is one of the places of interest in Seville. It was designed by Hannibal Gonzalez and was erected between 1914-1929. It has attracted attention as the largest structure of the city built in the 20th century. It was built for the Iberian-America Expo.

Although the idea of the square was not among the plans of Hannibal, it was agreed that the area facing the park should be considered as a square with the ideas of other architects afterwards. After it was approved, the construction period started with the placement of the first piece by King Alfonso 13.

In the middle of the folds, the Aragon and Navarra gates were built. throughout the building  Except for Sevilla, benches with ceramic coating were placed in 48 provinces.

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In 1926, after the increasing burden, Hannibal resigned and Vicente Traver took over the task.

It was inaugurated on May 9, 1929.

It was inaugurated on May 9, 1929.

 Seville Cathedral

    Seville Cathedral has a gothic style  It is a catholic temple. It is the largest cathedral in the world in this style. It was declared a human heritage by UNESCO in 1987, along with the Alcazar and the Indian Archives.

    Although it is thought that its construction started in 1401, there is no document registered until 1433. The construction site was built on the site of the destroyed Aljama Mosque, the lower parts of the bell tower known as Giralda.  It has minaret architecture.

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