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What is Workaway, how to find a job?
And how is my experience?

Why am I doing workaway?

  • Traveling is always in the plans, but my biggest reason was to improve my Spanish.

  • I had been planning to do this for about three or four years. When I started mentoring, my desire increased even more, but I couldn't do it in 2020 due to corona, so I had the opportunity to do it this year.

What is Workaway?

  • Workaway is an entirely voluntary program in many parts of the world. In other words, you can think of it as an exchange. You work for them and they basically give you a place to stay.

  • Conditions vary depending on the type of job. Some places make small payments, while others only cover your breakfast or all meals.

  • Jobs you can find can range from a hostel to a farm, babysitting to various repairs. It generally includes working 20-25 hours 5 days a week.  

  • As you can see in the photo below, you can become a member as a couple, as a friend or as a single member.

paint workaway.png

Where and what kind of job am I working?

  • I work in a hostel in Seville.

  • We are a total of four volunteers and our workload is quite light. We have two different working times. One night and one morning.

  • Making the beds in the morning usually takes an hour at the most. The other is the reception duty, which starts at 17.00. We have to be at the hostel on the day we work at night, but only to check-in and answer any questions or needs of the guests.

Is it easy to find a job?

  • Finding a job is both easy and difficult. You ask why ?

  • I thought that I could find it easily both because it was winter and because of the corona, but it was impossible to contact in advance because I did not want to pay on the site before I got a visa.

  • I had done research, but when I sent a message, the place I requested did not respond.  

  • I texted another place for babysitting because I wanted Seville, and I also wanted a small payment. But I wanted it to be a hostel. The other day I sent a message to another hostel, although the dates were full, and they responded in a short time.

  • During the correspondence process, I bought my plane ticket and arrived in Seville in three or four days.

Workaway visa?

  • This was the question that bothered me the most and researched the most. What kind of visa should I get?

  • I called the consulate before applying for a visa because I wanted to stay for six months. I told them I wanted to travel and volunteer. They said that the reasons I would give were insufficient for a six-month visa.

  • There is no special visa anyway, I just wanted to stay for a long time.

  • I applied for a three-month tourist visa. (For visa process and documents)

  • No one will ask you if you have a visa or what type of visa, so relax. As long as you enter the country you are going to and start working for them, there is no problem.

Can I travel while at work?

  • Of course, this depends on your work pattern and your co-workers.

  • We arrange our working hours ourselves, so it is comfortable. Of course, we can arrange the duration of the tour by changing the days with friends.

  • When you are interviewing for a job, you can ask this while the conditions are being explained to you. As a result, one of the main purposes is to travel.

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